Hangzhou CRON Machinery & Electronics Co.,Ltd is a state-level high-tech enterprise committed to pre-press production research and manufacture. It is largest CTP maker in China at present. It is also the only domestic enterprise who is able to make thermal CTP, UV CTP, violet laser CTP and large format CTP products.

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Microtek Scanners

Microtek has been producing scanning solutions for over two decades, and still continues to make technology breakthroughs in scanning solution. With professional prodution engineering team, full support from R & D, wide range of product lines, and rich experience, Microtek is able to provide
world-class digital imaging manufacturing solutions.

Xante High-Resolution Printers, CTP & Imagesetters

Xante provides the highest quality printing solutions for prepress, graphic, and printing professionals, as well as for general office and network environments. With products ranging from high-resolution, high-speed monochrome printers to computer-to-plate, computer-to-film, color printing, and screen printing systems, Xante stays on top of the charts with top of the line products.