Serendipity Black Magic

Blackmagic is a complete colour management system, designed to produce precision colour-matched
proofs from a huge gamut of hi-res bitmap and postscript CTP RIPs, composite and separated postscript fi les.

Suited to even the most demanding print and press environments, Blackmagic is made to plug into and
play alongside your existing workfl ow. Proofs are generated using the same post-RIP data used by the press, maintaining data integrity and colour accuracy.

In the press room or the studio on your network or working remotely – Blackmagic instantly creates contract proofs from any RIP on any printer with no changes to your current workflow.

By using the same post-RIP data used by the press, Blackmagic produces precision, colour -matched proofs while maintaining data integrity and accuracy. Access to advanced features like paper profiling, colour replacement and digital blueline, combined with the flexibility to output to an extensive range of large format inkjet printers means maximum productivity with virtually unlimited proofing options.


Established in 1994, Serendipity Software Pty Ltd is a leading provider of digital proofing products for the prepress, printing, sign, poster and mapping industries.

Through high quality R&D and flexibility, the company targets niche markets and produces a constant stream of product innovations.

Serendipity Blackmagic, the company’s flagship product, provides true ROOM (rip once output many) workflow by producing digital proofs from post-ripped (bitmap) data. Serendipity Blackmagic incorporates some of the company’s innovations such as RDT (Real Dot Technology) which produces digital proofs containing the same dots produced by the imagesetter/platesetter RIP. It also incorporates our de-imposition technology which allows de-imposing and proofing full size impositions on any digital proofer, no matter how small.

Through sustained focus on digital proofing, Serendipity Software strives to continue its leadership and innovation in the digital proofing arena.

SBM Brochure 2012